Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is e-VISA?

Electronic visa approved by ICA Singapore for entering Singapore.

Do you arrange e-VISA over night and during weekends / public holidays?

Yes, there is no extra charge for e-VISA processing at this times.

Why is e-VISA EXPRESS service only available to limited countries?

ICA Singapore classifies countries as Level-1 or Level-2. e-VISA EXPRESS service is only available to Level-1 countries. For Level-2 countries processing time is 9-12 working days.

Why is the cost of your service different to other visa application companies?

For discussion of our visa processing fees please contact us.

What is the full scope of your service

We provide visa processing services. Through our smart partnership we are also able to provide transport, accommodation and tours arrangement services.

If my visa application is rejected, may I know why?

Reasons for visa application rejection are not revealed by ICA Singapore, therefore we are unable to tell you why.

If my visa application is rejected, can I get a refund of my payment?

Money paid by you has already been used to process the visa application, therefore there is no balance left for refund.

Need Help?

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